Ozero Novastar
Vocalist vocalist: bass voice, electric bass, voice over, guitar, cello, composer, sound engineer


My name is Deron Parker, but most people in the music industry know me as Ozero Novastar. I've been into music and art since I was a very small child, completing my first painting at age 2. My first record that I bought with my own money was "Miss You" by The Rolling Stones at age 5. I started playing guitar at age 7, inspired by a friend of the family's record store in the Bronx. They knew the guys from KISS and that blew my mind. When I was 12, I began playing cello. I developed a serious interest in classical music at that age. And I quickly became principal cellist in the 6th grade and remained so until I graduated High School. When I graduated, I decided to go to DePaul University in Chicago. They offered a Bachelor of Science program in Recording Technology as well as a wonderful Orchestra. I trained on 48-channel Neve VR consoles at Universal and Streeterville...old-school analog awesomeness. I started a band at DePaul that played several of their festivals as well as venues around Chicago. Those efforts culminated in a gig at Biddy Mulligan's opening for The Ohio Players. It was at that gig that I was offered a tour with The Alpha Team playing guitar. 'Go, Speed, Go' was their Billboard #1 techno hit based on the 'SpeedRacer' cartoon theme. And we rocked it...hard! All was well until I found out the lead singer had a heroin addiction. Being the person I am, I wanted nothing to do with that at all. I spent a few years pursuing a record deal and got to work with a few very talented people in the industry such as E-Smoove (Michael Jackson remixes) and Phil Upchurch. I played the Apollo in New York and got offered contracts from the management of SWV. None of the deals were to my liking because, at the time, they all wanted me to stop playing guitar and just rap. Not...gonna...happen...Captain.

I returned to Chicago and worked at Excalibur nightclub for a short time. It was a great experience andI got to meet many celebrities such as Uma Thurman, Dennis Rodman and Steven Browder. My club life took a long break, however, as I welcomed the birth of my first daughter. I was a stay-at-home dad for many years, had 4 more girls and worked to build my own music studio one piece at a time. After many years, I acquired all the equipment to start my own recording studio business and recorded several local artists in New York, Chicago and Minneapolis. Currently, I am looking for the opportunity to expand my experience in Hollywood, CA.Willing to relocate: Anywhere Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience - Pirate
Imagine Pirates - Los Angeles, CA February 2018-Present I am pirate Shango Maarcu with Imagine Pirates. Performing skits and sword combat exhibitions at special events.Actor Los Angeles, CAPresentFilms: Timecrafters: The Treasure of Pirate's Cove. Role: Pirate Shango iMDb Ozero Novastar Carpe Noctem Role: Goth, featured extra Television/Cable/Internet Series: The Affair Role: Featured extra: Artist On My Block Role: Goth party goer Bassist Vicious Violet/ Morticia - Minneapolis, MN February 2006 to October 2007 Bassist for Minneapolis based band Vicious Violet/ Morticia. Shows included: First Avenue/SeventhSt Entry (Minneapolis), Big V's (St. Paul), Ground Zero (Minneapolis), Varsity Theater (Minneapolis),Hexagon Bar (Minneapolis), etc.

The Alpha Team - Chicago, IL
March 1992 to June 1993
Touring guitarist with Chicago based band, The Alpha Team. Their Billboard #1 hit, "Go, Speed, Go',was a techno version of the 'Speed Racer' TV theme. Shows played: The Palladium (NYC), LimelightNight Club (NYC), The China Club (Chicago), Toto/Jubilation Night Club (Chicago), etc.

Lead Vocalist/Guitarist
The Peace Tribe - Chicago, IL

May 1990 to November 1992The Peace Tribe was a band I started in Chicago while at DePaul University. We played several showsat the University, but our biggest shows were opening for Trip Shakespear at The DePaul Blues Festand opening for The Ohio Players at Biddy Mulligan's (Chicago).

Ozero Multimedia Incorporated - Minneapolis, MNApril 1997OMi (Ozero Multimedia Incorporated) is an audio recording and graphic design company I founded in2012. I specialize in 24-track recording and music production as well as 2D and 3D graphic design and animation. Advanced 3D CAD using VUE Complete 2014 and Poser Pro, DMX lighting setup with ILDALaser knowledge, 24-channel recording and music production, and live audio mixing/signal routing aremy main duties. I also play cello, guitar, bass, drums and keyboards live and in studio. I'm moving thewhole operation to LA when possible.

Bands and Performance Groups: Consciousness III DePaul Symphony Orchestra Peace Tribe The Wahbis The Alpha Team Morticia Vicious Violet Back Alley LA Doorz Mangusta

BS in Recording TechnologyDePaul University - Chicago, IL
September 1988 - June 1992
Skills: Cellist (10+ years) - Guitarist (10+ years) - Bassist (10+ years) - Vocalist (10+ years)
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