Music Videos - 2008 to present
Barry Manilow - Lien Cowan Casting saxophonist
Katy Perry - Twinkie Byrd Casting saxophonist
Frank the Plumber - Karen Ryan w/Players Casting oboist, cellist and violinist
How to Believe - Susan Turner Casting 8-year old cellist
X Japan Music Video - Wendy Zehder Casting 2 violinists
The Mnemonicstra - Disney XD Rock Orchestra - Chad Ritterbach Casting 4 junior high musicians
AARP in house video - Christopher Gray Casting 1 cellist
Glenn Frey - Karen Ryan with Canvas Casting string quartet
Lincoln w/singer Aloe Blacc - House Casting 20 orchestral musicians
Rachel Hyman Music Video 1 violinist, 1 accordionist
Annie Lennox Music Video brass quartet
Nathan Sykes music video - David Kang Casting 1 saxophonist
Nate Ruess music video - Bokcreative Casting 1 oboist, 1 bass clarinetist, 1 cellist
5 Seconds of Summer (5sos) music video - Kathy Ryan with Canvas Casting 2 bagpipers
Beyonce Music Video - Dan Bell Casting 1 tuba player
Adele - Dustin Blackburn Casting 1 conductor, 24-piece orchestra
"Nine Twelve" - Music by Jennifer Thomas, Lyrics by J.ournal Poems 1 bassoon player
Childish Gambino - "This is America" music video, Michael Beaudry Casting 1 guitarist
Swae Lee, Rapper - Operator Media Production Co. 1 pianist hand doubler
Grammy Awards Promo - Mary Ruth Casting 2 violinists
Hilary Roberts - Ken Ashton, Hustlecake Productions 8 string players

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