Live Events - 2008 to present
Numerous performances during the 2020 Pandemic
The Red Paintings - Trash McSweeney, Director violinist
Mission San Luis Rey violinist
I Love Lucy Stage Production Auditions -
Hyra & David George, Producers
Dinner Party - Nick Terzian Casting harpist
Wedding Ceremony/Cocktails @ Wilshire Ebell Theater string trio
Cocktails/Dinner Party - Ruby Karen, Project Manager violin/accordion duo
Eric André Show live at the Satellite in Silver Lake string bass player
Geary's Rodeo Drive Concours (Beverly Hills Car Show) - Kirschner Creative Artists 1 bagpiper
Dinner Party at The Pelican Hill Resort, Newport Beach
Erik Rynearson, contractor
strolling guitarist/mandolin player
Classical Concert Chamber Orchestra Tour to Mallorca, Spain
Jennifer Walton, sub-contractor
1 violist and 1 cellist
Stephen Bullard Tribute Concert 2 trumpeters and 1 string quartet
Client Appreciation Event, Long Beach Marriott string trio
Wedding Ceremony - Laguna, CA violinist
YouTube Video: Feeding The Homeless - Prank it FWD for Greg Benson and Kim Every string quartet
Great Horror Campout
Trisha Fox Tunnel Casting
1 guitarist
Western State College of Law Graduation Ceremony string trio and brass quartet
Bel Air Country Club Holiday Luncheon drummer and string bassist
Graduation, Western College of Law brass quintet
Ordination Ceremony 1 bagpiper
Graduation Ceremony, Pasadena Christian School brass, winds and percussion
Graduation Ceremony, Western College of Law brass quartet
Memorial Service, Forest Lawn string quartet
Austria Airlines promo events 15 musicians
Persian artist, Shahkar with Andrea Bocelli, Dolby Theater in Hollywood 2017. 68 musicians
Pacific Symphony Orchestra concert 1 bagpiper as show opener
Persian artist, Shahkar, at the Microsoft Theater, LA Live 2019 100-piece orchestra and 70-member choir
Annual Christmas service 15-piece chamber orchestra
Annual Christmas show 25-piece orchestra
Weddings, church services, private events throughout the year Numerous live musicians

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