Commercials Tropicana Orange Juice - ASG Casting 19 chamber orchestra musicians
Honda - Jessica J Casting 1 conductor and 10 symphony orchestra musicians
Febreze - Cervantes Nomad Casting vocalist
Sun Com - Maryclaire Sweeters Casting polka band
MSG Varsity - Tracy Evans Casting teen clarinetist
Heineken - Skirts Casting tubist and trombonist
Orange Telecom - Dan Bell Casting 2 trombonists, oboist, bassist
Upstairs Boutique - Claire Harper Casting teen violinist
Hotwire.com - Jane Doe Casting banjo
Stony Brook Univ Med Ctr - James Levine Casting 8-year old violinist
Shiseido (Japan) - Yumi Takada Casting 2 trumpeters and 1 drummer
Che! Banca (Italy) - Stuart Stone Casting vocalist
Hewlett-Packard - James Levine Casting violinist
Diet Coke - Dan Bell Casting composer
Samsung - Dan Bell Casting 3 older teen musicians
Samsung Superbowl Commercial - Alice Ellis Casting gospel choir of 10 vocalists
Bayer Migraine Commercial - Alice Ellis Casting 1 young tuba player
Westpac Bank - Cathi Carlton Casting 3 string players
Heineken - Idell James Casting 2 musicians as jazz club attendees
iPhone 5 - Michael Sanford Casting 1 violist
GMC - Idell James Casting 1 conductor, 1 cellist and 1 string bassist
Jeep - Stuart Stone Casting 1 cellist
Taco Bell - Gabrielle Schary Casting 1 harpist
United Healthcare - Idell James Casting 1 saxophonist, 1 string bassist
Preachers of LA - Alice Ellis Casting 20 vocalists
Kick Ass 2 Internet Promo 6-piece Marching Band
United Airlines - Joe Blake Casting/David Kang Casting 34 musicians
CA Lottery - Idell James Casting brass quintet
Borgata Casino - Idell James Casting drummer, keyboardist & trombonist
Lincoln w/singer Aloe Blacc - House Casting 20 orchestral musicians
Best Buy - Idell James Casting 5 college marching band students
Target - Rich King Casting 3 jazz musicians
Super Mario Video Game 30th Anniversary Promo - Heather Lynn Casting 1 ocarina player
Volkswagen Commmercial - McBride Casting 1 violinist, 1 cellist
American Cancer Society - ASG Casting 1 cellist
Kia Soul - Joe Blake Casting violinist and tuba player
Laughing Cow - RMB Casting 4 harpists
Lincoln Automotive - Good People Casting 2 jazz musicians
HUMIRA - Dan Bell Casting/Atmosphere Casting Conductor, solo cellist, 21-piece chamber orchestra
Will & Grace Promo - Atmosphere Casting 37 orchestral musicians

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