Jennifer Walton: Biography

Jennifer Walton is the creator of Instrumental Casting which provides musicians for on camera work on commercials, movies, tv shows, music videos, print work, and live events. Jennifer is also the creator of Collective Media Guild which provides musicians for recording work on tv and movie soundtracks, and CDs. To view her complete credits, visit the Credits page of this website.

Jennifer began playing violin at the age of 3 and piano at the age of 5. She toured extensively throughout Europe, South America, and Asia with the John Biggs Consort from ages 9-15. This ensemble performed music from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Contemporary Eras.

Continuous musical training was received from her mother, Grammy Award winning vocalist and arranger, Salli Terri, as well as from her father, John Biggs, composer and founder of the John Biggs Consort. This training was in the areas of sight-reading, theory, arranging, improvisation, ornamentation, music appreciation, and performance practices on instruments of the Renaissance and Baroque Eras.

Her other instructors were Nancy Hartley, Jim Sitterly, Elizabeth Holborn, Ed Persi, Dimitrie Leivici, and Peter Marsh. Jennifer has taught private violin and piano lessons to all ages since 1981. Entering California State University, Fullerton, on a piano scholarship, she double majored briefly, then earned her Bachelor's Degree in Violin Performance. Jennifer performs regularly with Viofonik, Harry Scorzo & Flashback, and Family Trio.

Jennifer has appeared as 'Violinist' in numerous tv shows such as Friends and Seinfeld and has performed on hundreds of major motion picture soundtracks as well as playing on the Emmy Awards and the Tonight Show. She has played in the notable string sections on CDs for Michael Jackson, Neil Diamond, Diana Krall, Nora Jones, Ray Charles, Barry Manilow, Faith Hill, and so many more. Her extensive credits may be viewed on the Credits page of this website.


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